magic brushroom is an application for design students to learn drawing principles

Virtual Reality
Creating the most realistic simulation concerning size, proportion and point of view
Connecting benefits of traditional drawing and virtual reality
Supporting the learning process of design students

Learn drawing in the virtual reality with the
HTC Vive

The G-Box contains three basic grometric forms that can be placed on the scene by dragging and dropping with the clipper controller. You can choose from a sphere, a cube or a cylinder.
Each form can be freely positioned, rotated or scaled by the user and can used to build anything. They act as reference guides to aid in understanding of proportions as one draws.
To make this easier the opacity of the objects can be reduced.
Subsequently, the built figure can be used as a template for the drawing. To make this easier the opacity of the objects can be reduced.
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We realized this project as our master project for the degree course in Interactive Media Systems - Mobile Experience at University of Applied Sciences Augsburg

Aleksandar Presic
Andrik Degendorfer
Bowen Shan
David Paul
Franziska Scheere
Martin Khamala
Michelle Mekhalian
Oliver Heigl
Patrick Bumiller
Sebastian Bayerl
Simon Walter
Stefan Berner

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